Getting Older

BJJ can be quite safely practiced over forty if you adhere to several safeguards. I know quite a few guys who are nearing the big four zero and are saving themselves from injury by just being very careful. Under forty you shouldn’t really have too much of a problem with the young punks that walk through the door.

As an instructor and possibly as a higher belt you should generally have honed the art to such a degree that dealing with the over aggressive younger roller should be a cinch , just don’t make the mistake of going easy on them cause that’s when you’ll be in trouble.

Competition of course is the next best thing to a real fight and if you’re over forty be sure you’re in the old age category since rolling with a young chump seriously puts you at risk. I know an older guy who dislocated his knee joint , painful !!!! Breaking a rib or hurting your hand is no fun and worst of all you won’t be able to rain while you recover – and this is where it’s going to take you twice as long as the kid twenty years your junior !

Roy Harris made a great serious for the over forty grappler but again be careful who yu roll with and never underestimate your opponent you need every tool to compensate for the lack of speed and endurance when compared with the younger rollers.

Check out this video :

Good rolling to ye’all….